a. An external angle of a wall; an outer corner of a building
b. An internal angle or corner of a wall, esp. of a room

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el 21 de marzo

brecha (f) – gap
entorno (m) – environment

arrojar – to throw

mientras – while
sin embargo – nevertheless
frente a – versus
mensual – monthly


Of a horse: to whinny; also of a sheep or goat, to bleat, of a dog, to whine

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el 9 de marzo

traición (f) – treachery
puesto (m) – job
siglo (m) – century
cimientos (m, pl) – foundations

arrebatar – to snatch
boicotear – to boycott

conmovedor – touching


A contradiction in a law, or between two equally binding laws

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le 1 mars

fuite (f) – leak
chute (f) – fall
enjeu (m) – challenge, stake
Chine (f) – China
géant (m) – giant
échec (m) – failure
gendre (m) – son-in-law

lourde – heavy
parfois – sometimes
amère – bitter
malmenée – mishandled

le 23 février

blocus (m) – blockade
mécontent – displeased
défunt – deceased
échantillon de l’ADN (m) – DNA sample
tentative d’effraction (f) – attempted break-in

la Corée du Nord – North Korea
l’Arabie Saoudite (f) – Saudi Arabia

le 22 février

fardeau (m) – burden
rhum (m) – rum
phare (m) – headlight, highlight
éclatement (m) – burst (e.g. the burst of a balloon)

au sein de – within
Liban (m) – Lebanon
se crisper – to tense
l’OTAN (f) – NATO